Episode 18

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Black Hammer Volume 1: Secret Origins

Reborn 5

Curse Words 3

The Few 3

Magdalena 1

Violent Love 5

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North Brother Island #1

NORTH BROTHER ISLAND is an action/drama set in the near future. When a virus outbreak sweeps the nation, multiple quarantines around the world imprison the infected. One of these quarantines is North Brother Island. Although the people on the dangerous quarantine have been told there isn’t a cure for this deadly disease, we follow SAM TURNER as he sets out, risking everything he has, to find it.

NORTH BROTHER ISLAND is an independent, creator owned monthly series by Emily Ingram (writer), Luiz Prado (artist), with colours by Orsolya Hegedüs and Esther Pimentel, with lettering by Ken Reynolds, and Covers by Sebastian Tucholski.

The comic is being published by Ingram Comics, and can be purchased through http://IngramComics.com.


  • Standard Edition [ DIGITAL ] – $2.99
  • Special Edition [ DIGITAL ] – $3.99 – Available 5th of April
    • The Special Edition includes:
      • SE* Wallpaper
      • 5-Page Backstory
      • Concept Art
      • 40% Off The Next Issue! (Standard Edition Only)
      • Character Spotlight
      • And Behind the Scenes Extras!

Visit http://IngramComics.com for the Behind the Scenes Blog, Progression Artwork, Sneak Peaks, and More!