Indie Comic Ninja is an interview and review podcast/website. You’ve clearly found our website where you can find a number of written reviews as well as show notes for our podcast. The podcast is a weekly review show, Indie Tuesdays released every Tuesday and a monthly or more interview show with comic creators and the like.




ICN couldn’t exist as it is today without the amazing collaboration between a small force of comic ninjas.

Dexter J.
Founder ICN, co-host Indie Tuesdays, Interviewer | @indiecomicdex
Ben D.
Founder NCR, co-host Indie Tuesdays, Interviewer | Nerd Church Radio | @indiecomicben
Ariel the Oracle
Editor in Chief web reviews, co-host Indie Tuesdays, Interviewer | @arieltheoracle
co-host Indie Tuesdays | Glitch Therapy | @nerdyromondo




In 2016 Dexter Jacobs started Indie Comic Audio, interview based show, as a podcast branch of a much more ambitious Indie Comic Ninja. As time progressed other initiatives fell to the wayside and the podcast endured as a monthly endeavor which was brought under the Indie Comic Ninja name as the sole product issued.

By the end of 2016 Dexter was approached by Ben DuPey of Nerd Church Radio and an Image/indie review podcast, “Indie Tuesdays” started as part of the NCR feed. Shortly into 2017 the show was moved over to the Indie Comic Ninja feed and became a part of the Nerd Church Radio Network. Over time ICN has integrated other comics into the reviews from such publishers as Dark Horse, Aftershock, Dynamite and some small press publications.

Currently Nerd Church Radio Network is Nerd Church Radio (A DC review podcast) Indie Comic Ninja (An indie review and interview podcast) and Glitch Therapy (a video game review podcast).