Reborn #3

Writer: Mark Miller
Artist: Greg Capullo
Cover price: $3.99
Reviewed by: Carl Hamlin

We start this story off with Bonnie and her dad on the hunt to find Bonnie’s husband. Walking along what looks to be a forest, and is the only part of the book that seemed forced. We meet Ernie Barbier, who customizes pets because he use to work at an auto shop. I understand that it will probably come into play in later issues, but the way he was introduced made no sense for the concept of this part of the story (though the flying elephant was awesome).

Now running through the forest to escape the sight of dragons, they come to the shrine of the Faerie King. With faeries flying around Bonnie and Big Tom’s head, they are attacked by goons from the Dark Lands: it turns out Faeries cannot be trusted in this comic.

From there we move forward to Il Mago’s Quarter in the Dark Lands where Bonnie and Big Tom are chained to a post with magic chains that even Big Tom can’t break. Trader Koti has taken them to give to Golgotha, but decides to Frost after taking Bonnie’s magic sword. Bonnie points out to Big Tom that though the chains can’t be broken the post can. When Koti gets close enough Big Tom head butts her and breaks the post to get away. Chaos ensues, when Bonnie shows her awesome warrior skills:

Now on the run a mysterious cloaked figure says he can help them escape and they run through a portal in his cloak, only to find out it is a trap…

The Confessional

This comic hasn’t been a disappointment yet, yes there were parts in this issue that seemed forced, but the story itself was fantastic. Add in Greg Capullo’s art and it made for one action packed adventure that left me wishing I didn’t have to wait so long for Reborn #4.

Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★☆

Carl Hamlin | NCR