Rockstars #1 SPOILER Review

Writer: Joe Harris
Artist: Megan Hutchison
Price: $3.99

Nativity in Blacklight

The most mysterious thing about classic rock and roll: can you hear the hidden message when playing your record backwards? There are many questions that revolve around the music industry and Jackie Mayer knows what is actually hidden behind the music. Laying the groundwork for an excellent story, we start with Jackie doing research on an old murder from 1974 of Suzanne and Becky, two teenage girls trying to live the rock-and-roll lifestyle and get backstage at a concert. They get their wish, and are invited to an after party and never seen again; alive that is. A cold case, but Jackie thinks he has found out that there will be another victim. Following his sixth sense and old school detective work, Jackie finds himself at a crime scene, that seems to be linked to the case he is trying to crack. Where he meets Dorothy Buell, a music writer and investigative reporter who is also looking into this murder. A firecracker of a character who joins Jackie in sneaking into the Los Angeles Coroner’s office to get a better look at the dead body. Jackie looking for a mark that would connect the murders and Dorothy looking for a big story, they find exactly what they were looking for before they were interrupted

The Confessional

A rock-and-roll based murder mystery wasn’t something I was expecting to love, but I did! I especially liked the writing style, it was like going through Jackie’s diary/case files for a murder long forgotten. I have a feeling that the contrasting personalities of Jackie and Dorothy will lead to some awesome dialogue in future issues. All in all, solid art, solid writing, solid issue:

Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★☆☆

Carl Hamlin | Nerd Church Radio