Wicked and Divine #25 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Kieran Gillen
Art: Jamie McKelvie
Cover Price: $3.50

Riddles in the Dark

If you’ve been following the story line, we know that Persephone and Woden aren’t the greatest of friends. So it’s not surprising that Persephone flips and sends Woden to the darkest part of hell after her and Cass discover that SURPRISE, Woden was working with Ananke. Of course Cass is trying to stop Persephone from committing yet another murder. However, Persephone in all of her destroyer wonder doesn’t listen and just as she is about to snap her deadly perfectly polished nails it gets interesting. Woden decides to blackmail Persephone. If Persephone kills Woden he will release the security footage of Persephone killing Ananke. Cass is freaking out because Woden has the footage on a time release so if Woden isn’t there to stop it then regardless Persephone is outed. We all know Woden isn’t really the most dependable. All in all, Woden claims he was forced by Ananke and he really isn’t a bad guy. Persephone and Woden shake hands and POOF, Woden finds himself floating down into the underground with Persephone and leaving Cass to a small breakdown.

All Happy Families Are Alike

As Woden slams down in the darkness underground, Persephone calls out his bluff and basically tells it how it is, Woden just doesn’t want to die. Remember Persephone is in hell so death is the least of Woden’s problems. Woden is shoved into the darkest part of hell, and the whole way there he’s begging Persephone to give him a chance. Persephone decides to use this experience as a threat and brings him back to the surface to help Cass figure out this massive death machine that Ananke built with Woden’s help. I love how Woden attempts to sass Cass and all Persephone has to do is cough and Woden changes his tune. The trio decide to find out what Ananke was doing and what this Great

Darkness is all about. All in all, though I think Persephone’s power still scares all of the Pantheon. Cass still believes that that Laura can still make a choice and calls her out on how many people she’s killed. The art in these panels amaze me which is the reason I love this comic, because the art is intense. You can literally see when Persephone changes to Laura and vice versa. At the end of this particular panel I legit felt the conflict between the two.

Chaotic Evil Is the New Black

So Baal and Persephone and Minerva all look like a happy family except Minerva still holds a hellacious grudge against Ananke. I mean I don’t blame her all elements considering. This experience has completely changed Minerva from this innocent little girl to the hate filled preteen. Again, I don’t blame her. Everyone just wants to figure out what Ananke was lying about and what is the truth. Telling the public that all the Gods want is to be adored isn’t cutting it for Minerva. Of course the Great Darkness gets brought up and Baal immediately shuts Persephone down stating that it isn’t her cross to bear and walks away to lightening up some toast. (Pretty nifty if you ask me) I turn the page and my heart sinks as Minerva is in the middle of her rant when this big black monster breaks through the window and snatches Minerva. Now we know why Baal was positive about the Great Darkness. Of course it cuts right as Baal is about to fight this bad boy. I love the art for the great darkness, it’s simple but enough to frighten you.


I am a solid Wicked and Divine fan. The art captivates me and most of the story lines hit me in the feels. This issue is absolutely no different. I love the major cliffhangers, and relating to Cass’s freak outs. The conflict I keep seeing rise in Laura/Persephone. How I love to hate Woden, it all keeps me coming back for more. Gillen is always leaving me wanting more and I will keep coming back.

Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆☆

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR