Writers: Charles Soule
Art: Ryan Browne and Jordan Boyd
Cover Price: $3.99

Once Upon a Time There Was a Wizard

Magic is real and our main character Wizord is taking New York by storm. His client wants him to turn him Platinum, but the insane amount of magic required to do this task reveals his location to Cornwall: LET THE MAGICIAN BATTLE BEGIN!!!

Flash back to day one of Wizord coming to New York, and he does not understand English, which ends up having him freeze two police officers in central park. His sidekick, a rat, lets him know that everything is in place for his plan, so they begin to brew a potion. On Day Three in New York he is shopping at a grocery store, upset because he cannot understand what these people are trying to say he starts so summon a spell to destroy them all. His rat calms him down, reminds him that they need to keep a low profile and suggests he casts a spell of understanding on himself. Finally, between day Thirty-Six and day Forty-Five his potion is ready, we find out his plan for our world is to destroy it, but when the time comes he changes his mind.

On day Forty-Five he decides to come out to New York as a Wizord and unfreezes the cops he froze on day One. Now we are on Day One of Wizord making himself into the business man we say in the first page of this issue. We go through panels of Wizord changing his look, getting his place and changing his rat, named Margaret into a koala bear.

And All Hell Breaks Loose

Finally, we are back to where we started, Wizard receiving payment, sapphires, from the guy who wanted to be turned into Platinum, Wizard casing the spell, and Cornwall arriving and attacking Wizord. The fight goes into Queens, to the baseball stadium where to defeat Cornwall Wizord crushes up the the sapphires that Platinum dude paid him with and uses them to kill Cornwall. We move over to Hole World where this big mysterious looking guy says Wizord has turned against us and sends more people after him.

The Confessional

This is the book I have been waiting for, you have magic, you have a bad guy who decides he wants to be good, or at least we think he wants to be good. This book had everything you wanted out of a first issue of a series, it gave you a good amount of information about the main character, it gave you a good amount of action and it had an ending that left you ready for the next issue to come out. Charles Soule does a lot of good writing and this issue he hit it out of the park, and the art in this book was phenomenal. Highly recommend to anyone who like magic, action, or just good storytelling to pick this book up!

Salvation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Carl Hamlin | NCR