God Country #2

Writer: Donny Cates
Art: Geoff Shaw
Colors: Jason Wordie
Letters: John J. Hill


God of Blades:

Welcome Back to God Country; Texas US of A. Everything’s bigger here, including Emmett’s new sword Valofax, The God of Blades, and it has chosen Emmett to be its new champion. While holding the blade Emmett’s alzheimers is at bay and he can remember everything. With every good comes the bad because the God Attum wants this blade back and sends Aristus to retrieve it. After careful consideration Emmett sends Aristus back to Attum with a message; “Come and get it.”


Sensei’s Oath:

If you were given something that could make you better of whatever ails you, would you keep it or give it back? I side with Emmett’s decision, if the God claiming their item could cure me without it, I would gladly give it back, but I wouldn’t go back to being sick, even if it means war. The premise of this story has gotten so much better in the second issue, and it looks like the mortals are going to war with the Gods over the God of Blades. Before diving into how much I loved this story let’s talk about this art… it’s not terrible, it’s not great, it’s just good and had this story not have been so captivating it probably would have bothered me more. I’m not exactly sure what about it I don’t like, it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to me, colors seem dull and muddy, the shading gave Deena a beard and in some panels Janey doesn’t have a nose. Like I said, the art isn’t terrible, but not fantastic. The story on the other hand AMAZING! Even though nothing big happened this issue we learned a little… The sword can rebuild a house, Emmett willed it and the sword made it happen. It commanded the God of War Aristus kneel, so we know it’s power is great. It also chooses its champions based on those who are worthy of it, which means Emmett is worthy of the sword, which mean it’ll help him do greater things when fighting the Gods as they come. Now I Hope to learn a plot that the Gods are up to no good and that’s why the sword chose to fight against them…

8/10 ★★★★★★★★✩✩

Carl Hamlin | NCR