Planetoid Praxis 1,2 (another perspective/review)

Planetoid Praxis 1,2

Writer/Art/Lettering: Ken Garing


Book 1: The Visitor:


In this issue a spaceship lands on a planetoid, the sole occupant wants to gather intel on the settlement. Once he finds them the people don’t take to kindly to him seeing as no spacecraft should be able to get close to the planetoid due to the EM radiation. Once they find out that it is an Ono Mao, a race known for enslaving and slaughtering populations. The Settlement put him to death and destroy his ship.


Book 2: Eight Years Later:

We find ourselves Eight years in the future from where the first issue happened, and it looks like the settlement has new neighbors. Three of the kids venture to the black market, a mysterious package drops from the sky with supplies for the settlement from Heliocor so the settlement decides to meet their new neighbors.




Sensei’s Oath:


Since this comic started with Nine pages of just art, let me start by saying how fantastic this art is. I can’t say that I’m surprised, but when one person does every single aspect of a comic book sometimes something is lacking, and with this book nothing was… Now to better understand the story you would have had to read Planetoid because there are things brought up about the Ono Mao that will make more sense. However, it is not exactly necessary to enjoy the story, only if you want to know the background information. I could stop right there, literally the only thing that happens was the Ono Mao lands, they don’t give him a chance to explain, toss him in a cell while they discuss his fate, the people make plans to kill him, and people dismantle his ship. With that said just that small amount, and no back history with the original Planetoid book I was thoroughly pleased with this title and can’t wait to see what happens next.

★★★★★★★✬✩✩   7.5/10


Again: this book is a great read, however if you enjoy having a complete and full story, like understanding more about Heliocor, I would recommend reading Planetoid as well. This issue left me a little confused, it seems like Garing is just rehashing his last run of books. Like with Heliocor in this book, without any of the backstory it falls flat seeing as they help them, their supplies saved a kid, so for me, I was like why in the world are they so upset that it came from Heliocor? The black market stuff was interesting but Garing set it up for Aden to get his ass kicked, he is settlement 100% without us none of this would be possible, of course one of the biggest guys in the room would take offense and of course once Aden got knocked down he would try to fight back… so he got his face rearranged and if it wasn’t for the supplies Heliocor sent the settlement Aden would probably have died. What is Heliocor up to? Will the events in that black market come back up? We will have to find out next time!

★★★★★★✬✩✩✩    6.5 / 10


Carl Hamlin | NCR Network