American Gods #1

American Gods #1
Story: Neil Gaiman
Script: P. Craig Russell
Art: Scott Hampton
Letters: Rick Parker


Shadow’s Prison:


In this issue we meet Shadow, a man sentenced to three years in prison. He kept his head down, stayed out of trouble and only focused on getting out, going home and remaking his life with his wife. With only days left on his sentence he learns he’s getting out early, starts having weird dreams and is offered a job. We end this issue with a sex scene of nightmares.


Sensei’s Oath:

This book was rather interesting, especially seeing as most of it nothing happens besides sitting and waiting to get out of prison. Actually if we cut the prison scenes in half this book probably would be closer to being perfect, it just felt to long and drawn out and made reading this book take forever. Now like I said, fast forward past the first say five pages the story starts to actually develop. It has to suck being stuck in jail feeling like something bad is going to happen, but his thought had to be having to stay, not his wife dying… which I don’t know what it’s like to be in prison for any length of time, but you’d think that Shadow would have been more upset about getting that news, instead it seems like he feels nothing… and then we meet Mr. Wednesday, who apparently knew that Shadows flight was going to be switched, knew who he is, knew his wife died… something about him just feels off, but I find myself needing to know more about him and the bull/ox headed guy in his dream. Then we have the final scene, a woman who reminds me of a succubus, because while having sex with this dude she has having worship her. In doing so she pulls him body and soul into her… like shit, that’s the worst thing I could imagine happening, but it’s a good way to go out! Now, this artwork is interesting too, and in an extremely good way. I found myself falling in love with the artwork far before the story, and now that finish with the artwork being good and the story starting off rocky and ending decent I have to say it was a pretty good read and worth picking up.


Carl Hamlin | NCR Network