God Country #3

Writer: Donny Cates
Art: Geoff Shaw
Colors: Jason Wordie
Letters: John J. Hill



The Calm Before the Storm:


Welcome Back to God Country; Texas USofA. A place where we enjoy the finer things in life, take Emmett for example, he just declared war on Attum and right now he is enjoying some quality time with his granddaughter. However, as we all know the good things in life don’t last forever and it looks like the storm is about to hit Emmett’s little family, can Valofax and Emmett handle what it to come?


Sensei’s Oath:

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like slow issue, and while I am still extremely impressed by this book, an issue where nothing actually happens until the end of the issue made reading it rather long. I will not say it was a bad issue, because what we got at the end was well worth trudging through the beginning. I mean we spend most of the issue with Roy blaming himself for what is happening, and quite honestly it’s a bullshit thing, at least the parts of Emmett playing with Janey were interesting, I mean you try explaining to a child that this God of Swords is not a toy. Enough of me complaining (especially seeing as we are getting character development which is always good), on to the good stuff… I know Valofax is like the best sword of all time, I mean it is all of the swords in all of the worlds but I did not know that it could bring kitchen knives to the defense of Roy and his family while it is doing battle with Emmett. One more thing I like is that Cates has given Valofax some limitations… I was afraid we were going to get this all powerful sword and basically have Emmett cut through all of his challenges with no issue. The god of death has me super excited for what comes next for Emmett, if Bale grim is his first challenge what will come next? And this art, issue by issue I find myself more in love with Shaw’s artwork and quite frankly had you have asked me after the first issue I would have told you it was okay, but now I couldn’t imagine another artist doing this book. Now for an issue where I found myself bored I’m still highly impressed with this book and I am still looking forward to this book every single month.


Carl Hamlin | NCR